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Jalama Sept 2, 2012

Slideshow form Jalama trip on September 2, 2012


Jalama - July 21, 2010

Jalama with friends

Jalama - August 23, 2009


Jalama - July 26, 2009

Dolphins Surfing at Jalama

A Drive Up the Coast to Surf at Jalama - July 5, 2009

Jalama Beach shorebreak
Foggy cold day at Jalama with so so Surf - July 20, 2008

Jalama Boogie

Jalama - August 26, 2007 overcast morning, the waves were kind of walled but it was still a fun day

Jalama - Tyler Anderson
Jalama - June 3, 2007

Jalama October 22, 2006
Jalama - October 22, 2006

Jalama 0703006
Jalama - July 30, 2006

Boggie boarder at Jalama
Drive up to Jalama and Summer Surf Session - June 25, 2006 - lot's of suck outs but a few fun ones, boogie boarders

Late takeoff at Jalama, June 11, 2006
Jalama - June 11, 2006

First Jalama trip of the season for John and I. It was a foggy day with the usual hike up the beach. A dolphin came up for air and to look me in the eye. Large flocks of cormorants and the usual surfing pelicans were flittering and gliding by. The swell angle was a bit off. Decent size sets were coming in but you had to be lucky to find ones with good shape.

Jalama August 14, 2005
Fun summer day at Jalama. Foggy and glassy most of the day, knee high to shoulder high. Women Surfers and Longboarding

Jalama July 24, 2005
Foggy fun day at Jalama

Jalama, July 15, 2005 - photos from Benjamin Quesinberry

Jalama Surf Movie form May 8th 2005 (Quick Time)

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