Snowy Plover Nests on Easter Weekend
Arpil 10, 2004, Coal Oil Point Reserve. Three more nests found this day, for a total of 13. Cris Sandaval monitoring Snowy Plover Eggs

IMG_2034b Banded plover with breeding Plumage
IMG_2064 Male Snowy Plover
IMG_2132 Female Plover Sitting on Nest
IMG_2138 Female Snowy Plover
IMG_2139 Plover Eggs
IMG_2154 Cris looking for new nests, watching bird behavior
IMG_2165 Cris Marking a newly found nest with a stick
IMG_2192 A Snowy Plover Pair (female, on left, has narrower band on forehead)
IMG_2204 Another nesting spot
IMG_2205 Snowy Plover on Eggs
IMG_2207 Cris counts three more eggs
IMG_2208 Nesting site
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