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Some swell action between the rains, Campus Point - January 21, 2017 | Flicker Slidshow 20170121-CampusPoint

One of my biggest interests is photography and working with web pages. I especially enjoy nature, wildlife and surf photography. For the last 7 years or so I have been organizing and sharing my files through Flickr. I live in Solvang, Calfornia

This website is a place to explore website ideas, share my photos and see how websites evolve through time. It has been up for around nine years. I use it as my nature, surfing and travel photo journal as well as a place to share nice places in Santa Barbara County. Many slideshows of places in Santa Barbara and places close by in California are part of this site. Events with family and friends are also included in the Friends and Family section.

My husband and I retired from our wonderful organic market garden September 2015. I retired from UCSB earlier in 2015 . It is nice to have more free time. This website is my little non-paying side job where my reward is sharing some of my interests with others both locally and around the world.

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