Bird photos and links, Goleta Slough and Sanitation Plant
2005, 2008

Great blue heron nesting

Cormorant nesting

Goleta Slough Rookery, Nesting Great Blue Herons, Double-creasted Cormorants and Great Egrets, Large flock of Brandt's Cormorants off the slough mouth - June 11, 2008

Fulvous Whistling Duck at Goleta Sanitation - December 17, 2005

Great Blue Heron

Goleta Slough Lt. March - Feb. 2005
Goleta Slough, Brown Pelicans, Double-crested Cormorant, Fishing Birds, Great Blue Heron nestlings, Great Egret, Golden Sunrise

great blue heron


Goleta Slough and Sanitation Plant 05/13/05
Great Blue Heron chicks nesting, Soras chicks, Black-necked Stilts chicks and Canada Goose chicks, Turkey Vulture and Crow
Goleta Slough and Goleta Sanitation Plant Movie (Quick Time Movie11.6 MB)

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