Coal Oil Point Reserve and Goleta Area

2003 - 2006

Coal Oil Point Reserve Vegetation
Time-lapse Movie 2006-01-10 thru 2006-07-31
(by Kevin Brown)

Coal Oil Point Reserve view toward the Beach
Time-lapse Movie 2006-01-10 thru 2006-07-31
(by Kevin Brown)

Pelicans at COPR
Late May 2006 - Brown Pelicans and gulls come in Large Numbers to Sands Beach

Sands Dunes
Spring Flowers on the Dunes at Sands Beach and Coal Oil Point Reserve - May 2006

First Snowy Plovers Chicks of the season at COPR were sited on Thursday May 11, 2006
The above picture was taken May 14, 2006 | Snowy Plover Chicks - May 2006 Slideshow

Ellwood terminal

Checking out the surf at Sands, two days in a row, reveals the change in the height before and after filling up at the Ellwood Terminal.

Devereux Slough Story (12/29/05)

Coal Oil Point Reserve, Sands Beach 09/17/05 | COPR Late Summer 2005
Coal Oil Point Reserve, Devereux Slough has had a great abundance of birds this late summer as the water, though shallow, still covers a large area

Stork Ranch Vernal Pool
Storke Ranch Vernal Pool 02/19/04 (where I live)

Sitting on the Cliff at Ellwood 02/14/05



Native Planting at Manzanita Village UCSB | Jan. 15th - Feb. 19th Assorted Pictures

COPR Poster
Poster by Dr. Kevin Lafferty for event (photos from Kevin and Callie)
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Santa Barbara County file on The Ellwood-Devereux Slough Ecosystem

Flood Control Topographic Maps for Download

Winter Sol
Winter Solstice Tides at Goleta

Goleta Rains 01/09/05

Ocean Meadows Golf Course, Devereux Slough, Goleta Slough, Goleta/Santa Barbara Airport, Stork Ranch effects of sustained rain in Goleta, CA

Evenings at Ellwood watching the sunset after work 02/03 & 02/04 2005

Los Carneros
Lake Los Carneros 02/21/05

Lake Los Carneros, Santa Barbara County Park, domestic Geese and ducks fed by toddlers



UCSB Lagoon November 2005
Egrets, Cormorants, Floating bird island, Brants, views of the lagoon

More Mesa - Santa Barbara County - between Santa Barbara and Goleta, California December 11, 2005

Goleta Rainy Weekend 02/19 - 02/21 2005
Storke Ranch Vernal Pools, Ocean Meadows Golf Course, Devereux Slough, Manzanita Village, Cinnamon Teal, Marbled Godwits in flight

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