Shaver Lake, Fresno County, Southern Sierra Nevada, California

Shaver Lake, Western Sierra - September 18, 2010

Shaver Lake August 2008

Trip to Shaver Lake - Labor Day Weekend 2008

Shaver Lake 2007
The water level was very low this year ( July 1, 2007) at Shaver Lake .

Shaver Lake Trip - Magic Mountain, Tejon Ranch, Central Valley, Bakersfield, Huntington Lake, wildflowers. Shaver Lake was very low this year, which made the meadow interesting. July 2007

Shaver Lake 2006
Shaver Lake Trip, Southern Sierra Nevada, California - September 2006

Shaver Dam

Shaver Lake - 205
Shaver Lake September 5, 2005

Shaver Lake - 2004
Shaver Lake July 18 & 19, 2004
Visiting my folks at their cabin and hanging out at the meadow and the lake. Some wildlife around Shaver Lake.

Statistics on Shaver Lake

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