Snowy Plover Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus

2004 - 2006

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Snowy Plover Male


Snowy Plover Winter Flock
Snowy Plovers - Winter Flock- December 23, 2006 - Coal Oil Point Reserve
Goleta, Santa Barbara County, California - 220 plovers counted this day

Snowy Plover Banded
July 2006 Slideshow
- includes photos of plovers at Coal Oil Point Reserve - Quick Time Movie (134MB) of a Snowy Plover feeding by the shoreline

Slideshow October 2006, COPR, Sands , Los Carneros Area (Kingbirds, Kingfisher, Banded Snowy Plovers, Brown Pelicans riding a wave)

2006 Breeding Season Stats , thanks Linda

First Snowy Plovers Chicks of the season at COPR were sited on Thursday May 11, 2006
The above picture was taken May 14, 2006 | Snowy Plover Chicks - May 2006 Slideshow

Plover News from Cris - May 16, 2006

There are about 40 plovers total, 10 active nests and 6 hatched broods.

Snowy Plover Chicks in the Incubator

Snowy Plover Nest at Coal Oil Point - May 6, 2006

Snowy Plover scrape at Coal Oil Point - May 6, 2006

COPR 01/29/06 Slideshow

Snowy Plovers out in full force, August 08, 2005, Last count on Friday August 7th was 130, on Saturday I sited two banded snowy plovers

Looking for goodies 08/06/05 Finding Sand fleas

Parent with chick(s) May 3rd, 2005, Coal Oil Point Reserve |
COPR Snowy Plovers Spring 2005
Spring Snowy Plover season at Coal Oil Point Reserve. Snowy Plover Chicks, Plovers chasing and flying, nests
Snowy Plover Chicks, May 2005 (Quick Time Movie)

Three day old Snowy Plovers April 17, 2004
Chicks eating and being watched over by their father. Cold windy morning at Coal Oil Point Reserve, Santa Barbara County, Goleta

Snowy Plover Nest
Snowy Plover Nests on Easter Weekend 2004

Banded Snowy Plover Page

Natural History and Politics
Santa Barbara Plover Docent Information

Link to new site about the Gaviota Coast, A Unique System a Common Battleground.


Snowy Plovers Mating At Coal Oil Point Reserve April 22, 2005


Snowy Plover Chicks in the Incubator
Western Snowy Plover Newborn Chicks (Quick Time Movie, Use controls to start and stop)
Christina Sandavol working with newborn chick in the incubator
Coal Oil Point Reserve, June 11, 2005

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